Diplomacy in the Age of a Pandemic

LakeMUN 2019 and 2020

The past years some of the students of the higher classes at SIS Swiss International School Friedrichshafen have participated in the LakeMUN conference. It is a place where young people simulate a United Nation Conference and debate in committees about important political topics.

Last year, Ryan (now grade 10), Kilian (now grade 12) and (Vicky now grade 11) participated in these conferences. They spent time on different committees so never actually debated each other. However, they each won an honorable mention of “best delegate” on their respective committees and it was an amazing experience.

Vicky decided to be a representative of SIS Friedrichshafen at Lake MUN 2020, which had to move online completely due to the Corona pandemic. She was assigned to a country and committee at random. Vicky’s topic turned out to be Re-Education Centers in Xingjian, China and she represented the Chinese government in the Human Rights Committee. It was a valuable experience, since MUN forces you to step out of your personal opinion and take on somebody else’s point of view. Vicky’s committee was able to come to a resolution. Everybody agreed that this digital Lake MUN was a great success, yet the hope was uttered that next year’s can be one of personal attendance once again.

Lake MUN Teilnehmer der SIS Friedrichshafen

Digital Lake MUN at SIS Friedrichshafen