The Renovations Continue

In the library area on the 3rd floor, walls were removed in order to create a generous U-shaped space from several offices, making it possible to create areas to read and work for different age groups. The walls have already received a new coat of paint, in the next step the new linoleum floor will be laid.


SIS Frankfurt library

Also on the 3rd floor is the dining room, which will be equipped with a new school kitchen. At the moment the installation work for water and electricity connections is taking place. On the photo you can see the area where the school kitchen will be installed.

future kitchen area

The outside facilities around the building have already been largely restored to a well-kept condition by a gardening company. Existing bushes and trees were trimmed and lawns were mowed and partly replanted. In the inner courtyard of the building a play area will be created and equipped with age-appropriate play equipment and seating arrangements.

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