Saving the planet one step at a time

Children learn about sustainability

This past month, year 1 students at SIS Swiss International School Berlin had sustainability on their minds. It started with a discussion of how beautiful the SIS Berlin campus is and how lucky all teachers and students are to spend time in such a place. This began the conversation around sustainability and the small things everybody can do, even school children.

Students found plenty of ideas in a book called “The Earth Book” by Todd Parr. It introduces sustainable practices, such as turning the tap off when brushing teeth, then gives a child-friendly
reason how this can benefit all of us. The author draws on examples that the majority of young children can relate to. There is even a list of 10 things everybody can do to help our planet.

After reviewing the list and agreeing that it shouldn’t be too hard to follow, the class decided to make a list of their own. This is what they came up with:

1.     Use both sides of paper for writing.                                                                           
2.     Use scrap paper for drawing and art projects.
3.     Use a reusable water bottle.
4.     Bring a reusable lunch box and try to avoid plastic bags.
5.     Remember that the classroom lights don’t always need to be turned on.
6.     Finish food at lunch and don’t throw it out!
7.     Pick up garbage from the playground during recess.
8.     Try to not bring snacks with plastic wrapping.
9.     Always recycle!
10.   Talk to friends about things they can do!