Physical Education

in Secondary School

During our secondary Physical education (PE) lessons, we place a lot of emphasis on giving the students a chance to improve their skills in various disciplines. We align our school curriculum with the Berlin state curriculum to ensure that we cover all types of sports. These include racquet sports, ball sports, endurance, gymnastics and dance. Students also conduct fitness tests throughout the year in order to track their improvements in cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, agility and strength.

Physical education is not only about learning and improving a sporting skill. We also focus on teaching our students the importance of teamwork and communication. This is done by bringing all the classes together and presenting them with a problem to solve. To successfully complete the given task, the students need to communicate effectively with each other and work as a team.

A lot of important character-building aspects can be taught through movement and games. Important skills that we develop during our lessons include tenacity, determination and resilience. These are skills that students can transfer to their academic subjects. Participating in any sport will bring with it a range of emotions ranging from elation to frustration. In a competitive world it is important to equip students with the skills to manage these emotions and channel them into something constructive. It is our hope that they will be able to apply the mechanisms learnt in PE lessons to situations where they are under pressure to perform, for example weeks where there are multiple deadlines to meet and tests to write.

When assessing the students, we do incorporate their level of skill in each sport, and we assess their readiness to participate in lessons and their ability to incorporate the above-mentioned skills.

We asked one of our students to write a short paragraph on his opinion of PE lessons at SIS Berlin.

"Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up." The SIS Swiss International School Berlin does not only encourage the best opportunities for studying, it gives every single student the chance to enhance their athletic skills and improve from week to week. Till now the secondary school students (grade 7 to grade 12) have had the chance to become perfectionists in the fields of badminton, table tennis, basketball, gymnastics and dance. Boys and girls are separated for these activities, although, the teachers use every chance to bring us all together and teach teamwork and unity wherever possible. Many students (boys and girls) may have already mastered the skill of a sports activity and some may have not. Students here help each other to move onto an advanced level of fitness and physical health." (Anand, grade 9)