Teacher Training at SIS Berlin

Preparation for the new school year

The 2020-2021 academic year got off to a great start with the SIS Berlin teacher INSET week. INSET stands for “in-service training” and these in-service training days are designed to provide dedicated training time for teachers and teaching assistants. This helps our staff to improve their practice, keep up to date with changes in education, and allows the new and seasoned staff members to get acquainted. SIS Berlin had one full week of INSET teacher training which started the 3rd of August and concluded the 8th of August.

The teachers worked closely and cooperatively all week, modeling the school values REACH. This is an acronym, which stands for Respect, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Compassion, and Honesty. Some highlights from this training exemplified by REACH can be seen below,

Respect: Implemented the latest COVID19 regulations
Enthusiasm: Carefully prepared their classrooms and lessons
Appreciation: Got to know one another and partook in team-building activities
Compassion: First Aid training course
Honesty: Came together as a team to spoke openly and honestly about problems, and generated solutions

The SIS Berlin Staff had a great INSET week, and are keen to apply these strategies throughout the year.