Halloween at SIS Berlin

Spooky Fun at a Social Distance

Halloween is a fun event that most people have been excited about since 1978. There are usually many parties, and kids go “trick or treat”-ing in their neighbourhoods. It is one of the best events of the year, but this year, everything is a little different.

Students and teachers at SIS Berlin decided that it was not responsible to throw a Halloween party with a pandemic going on. While it is important to have fun, students’ and teachers’ health is even more important. While a party was out of the question, students did not want this event to pass without any memories, so they decided on a compromise. The main idea was for everyone who wants it to come to school dressed in a Halloween costume and the teachers would hand out ballots so students could vote for the best costume. The winners were crowned in a small ceremony. This way, everyone had fun, an extraordinary Halloween event was enjoyed by all and the corona rules were still being followed.

Halloween an der SIS Berlin