Story Sharing Project

A Multilingual Voyage in Five Stories

The students in our 16 locations work on a special task every year in order to enliven and strengthen the network of the SIS Swiss International Schools Group. This year’s task was a story sharing project in which groups of students of all schools were invited to jointly work together and use their creativity and fine sense for language for creating and continuing stories. Like this, five stories in four different languages (Portuguese, French, German and English) emerged. Each narrative contains four chapters, contributed by four different groups of various class levels of SIS students worldwide.

It is not only the stories themselves that deserve a closer look, the book also lives of the storytellers’ handmade illustrations. Detailed landscapes and colourful drawings of animals, heroes and fortresses make the stories even more vivid. The book is completed by photos of the students participating in this challenging process: students are captured while writing their stories manually or on laptops, drawing their illustrations and while sharing and discussing ideas for the storyline. In the last part of the book, the groups who took part in the story sharing project introduce themselves shortly to the reader.

Please have a look at the e-book.

We wish you a pleasant read!

Best regards,
Ambros Hollenstein
Group Chief Executive Officer