I Read:

What’s your Superpower?

It is commonly agreed upon that the ability to read is one of the most significant factors affecting students’ success not only at school but in many areas of life. The skill of competent reading is absolutely vital for participation in all educational processes. Students need an educational environment which encourages the reading of a wide variety of texts in different media. This contributes to students experiencing reading as a world full of wonders and adventure.

With different activities we at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach try to motivate our students to read: Our timetable includes regularly scheduled reading lessons and library times in primary school, we have a spacious, well equipped library, we organise a book week with a reading competition and a literary reading as well as at least one book fair during the school year where our students and their families have the possibility to buy selected German and English books.

The motto of our next book week which will take place at the end of February is Festival of Phantasies. We are already looking forward to a lot of different reading and fun activities.