SIS Best Essay Award 2017

SIS Regensburg Student Wins Third Place

Annually, the SIS Swiss International School Group honours the three best extended essays from graduating students. The written assignments originate in the context of the final examination corresponding to the Matura, Abitur or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam. The topics of the extended essays differ greatly, however their common denominator is their presentation of an independent, autonomous piece of reflection and research, captured in a 4.000 word paper.

This year, students in the final year of SIS schools located in Rio de Janeiro, Basel, Zürich, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart-Fellbach and Regensburg could take part, but only the best-graded assignment per location is submitted for the SIS Best Essay Award. Thus, six essays were submitted this year.

The external mark is pivotal for a top ranking. To complement this, the student’s behaviour and engagement at their school is taken into consideration.

The winner of the SIS Best Essay Award 2017 is Dietrich Varaklis from SIS Basel. In his paper he dealt with the question: “To what extent does the Erlenmatt project support the developers’ aims in providing high quality city living space that is integrated with nature?” His essay, presented in the subject of geography, documents not only interesting findings, that even attracted the attention of the site manager of the Erlenmatt project, but also displays his scientific approach and methods. He sets the Erlenmatt project in the highly topical concepts of urbanization and gentrification and uses qualitative and quantitative research approaches to find out whether the aims of the project have been met.

Dietrich was a valued SIS student throughout his 14 year-long school career at SIS Basel. He regularly volunteered to help organise school activities for his younger school colleagues and was also well recognised for his athletic performances. Dietrich wins a week’s stay in Rio de Janeiro organised by our school located there.

The second place goes to Maria Eduarda Sabbá Rodrigues Farah from ESB Rio de Janeiro. Her paper holds the title “Literatura policial no Brasil – um caminho a ser descoberto” and she systematically and profoundly analyses the structure and content of a contemporary Brazilian crime novel.

Liam Aierstock from SIS Regensburg secured the third place with his extended essay on “The Donald Demagogue – to what extent can Donald Trump’s presidential announcement speech be viewed as a form of demagoguery?” In his essay, he scrutinises Donald Trump’s use of language within his Republican presidential announcement speech held in 2015, aimed at persuading voters in his favour, thoroughly liaising phrases with the concept of demagoguery.

All three essays display an in-depth study into the respective topic that exceeds expectations. We at the SIS Group are proud of the students’ commitment and passion that culminated in these excellent papers. We would like to express our special acknowledgment to the three students as well as to their teachers, who supported the students in their extensive research process: James Brocklehurst from SIS Basel, Maria de Fátima Veras Machado from ESB SIS Rio de Janeiro and Christine Scheid from SIS Regensburg. Thank you!

Ambros Hollenstein
Group CEO