Math Days

The Joy in Mathematics

While our Preschool students focused on building towers following an instruction, the primary school children learned to tell the time and how to use the compass. In secondary school, in addition to completing respective packets focusing on isometric drawing, algebra, quadratic equations, functions and vectors in a plane, the students could use the opportunity to improve their overall end of year grade.

The combination of math and art was a new feature this year allowing the students to combine their spatial skills with the computational aspect of mathematics. Our overall goal was that each student had a lot of fun while learning about mathematics. The student must see the joy in mathematics, no matter what level they are currently at. As soon as they make the connections with real life applications, the light of curiosity and yearning to solve problems goes on.

Some student comments on Math Days:

"I like the Math Days. I like that we have to figure everything out by ourselves, because it is a proper challenge. I also liked that we could work in teams."

"The Math Olympics were really good because we worked with people of different classes and different ages. I liked that we had teachers that are good at math and who could help us with the packet. I liked that we could work in groups so that the others could help us too."

"I usually always enjoy Math Days and so I did this time as well. Our packet was really big and I was definitely pressured to complete a lot of work but I definitely learned a lot. The Math Olympics were fun and I am curious to see how the math and the art program will work out. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I liked that we got to work independently."

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