SIS Friedrichshafen

The bilingual school on Lake Constance.

At SIS Friedrichshafen, surrounded by forest and nature, students have plenty of room to learn, play and live. Bilingualism, a positive school atmosphere, as well as diverse project work make up school life at SIS Friedrichshafen.

Dear parents and students,
welcome to our bilingual school which is situated in a newly established educational campus in the northwest of Friedrichshafen. In a campus-like surrounding, our schoolhouse offers enough space for our three educational levels, preschool, primary and secondary school, and for the implementation of our bilingual concept.

According to our school motto REACH – Respect, Enthusiasm, Altruism, Commitment, Honesty – we help our students to reflect their motivation, attitude, and behavior on a daily basis. We use this leitmotiv which guides our students through their school time at SIS Friedrichshafen, to strengthen each student’s sense of self-confidence along with the school’s positive atmosphere.

One important educational goal at the SIS Friedrichshafen is to provide students with methods and abilities to become independent learners. Independence is a far ranging concept for us that begins with a realistic self-evaluation and ends with the ability to successfully manage work loads. At the SIS Friedrichshafen, we strive to teach our students methods and mechanisms for inside as well as outside of the classroom that will aid them to become independent individuals.

Students at the SIS Friedrichshafen shall graduate with the Baden-Württemberg Abitur and optionally the International Baccalaureate (IB).

We promote the desire for continued learning through the teamwork of our dedicated staff, students, and parents, as well as through a vibrant variety of activities and projects throughout the school year. We would like to have our students become citizens who not only understand social responsibilities, but who also have cultural, global, and environmental awareness.

I cordially invite you to a personal consultation, please make an appointment with our school office — I will be pleased to discuss further details with you!

Kind regards,
Stefanie Hausmann, Principal


This video presents the SIS Friedrichshafen - enjoy watching!