Project Skills

in Grade 5

The children were excited to embark on the first project, where their research skills, historical knowledge and creativity could be demonstrated. Plus they had the added bonus of showing off their brilliant computer skills, as the booklet was to be produced using publisher, which did not faze them at all. Each grade 5 student produced two pages of the booklet, with one page focusing on a chosen god SIS Berlin Volcanoesand the other on an aspect of their lifestyle. The dedication to the project remained through each and every lesson, with the students becoming more amazed with the information they discovered as the project developed. After all of the preparation, the children took it in turns to present their research to the rest of the class, ensuring that we all knew about every aspect of the ancient Greeks’ lifestyle and the wonderful tales that helped us explore the gods and goddesses. All of their hard work paid off, with a fantastic twenty eight page booklet. Every child in grade 5 received their own copy to show off and treasure!

Alongside this they linked their scientific knowledge and art skills in a combined project. In art, they created their own volcanoes to explode. The children discussed the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, and its destruction of the nearby cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and how the volcanic ash from the eruption preserved much of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. They also looked at images of the city and surrounding landscape to build their own volcano models, including details of the architecture and landscape. Meanwhile, in science they explored how to create simple chemical reactions, using everyday materials, causing small explosions to help them with the final step of their art project: making their volcanoes erupt! It was extremely exciting replicating a volcanic eruption on our school grounds!

The students also demonstrated their excellent skills during a materials science project. They undertook extensive research about how their chosen material (glass, plastic, paper or metal) was produced, recycled and the effects the production and recycling processes have on the environment. The children had the added challenge this time round, not just to research and produce an informative poster, but to make their projects and presentations as interactive as possible. Some of them really went the extra mile, bringing in numerous items made from the chosen material, selecting short video clips to watch and involving their audience by creating short quizzes.
SIS Berlin Project Skills Plakat
The final project of the term took place in German, where a whole new set of project skills was taking off as they worked through and produced their individual Lesekiste. The children all selected different books and created an array of fantastic reading boxes, demonstrating their brilliant language skills and creativity. They were set the task of finding an object that related to each chapter and producing cards explaining why the item was chosen and what it represented. The children produced some outstanding reading boxes, which were then individually presented to the class, so they could share their knowledge and experience of some very interesting reads which included the titles Die Traum-Maschine, Das wilde Pack, Die Feenschule - Zauber im Purpurwald, Sehen wir uns morgen?, Liliane Susewind: Ein Eisbär kriegt keine kalten Füße, Mein Name ist Stilton, Geronimo Stilton and Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht.

Impressive work has been produced throughout the term, demonstrating excellent knowledge, commitment, fantastic independent and group work, supporting each other throughout the different challenges that each project presented, whilst providing constructive comments to help improve and build upon their skill set in English and German. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching the development of such wonderful, imaginative projects!