IB to the Core

CAS Student Projects

A great benefit of implementing the International Baccalaureate Programme is its approach to holistic learning. It promotes self-discovery of interests and talents and encourages the students to engage themselves in events happening in and around their extended communities. The IB core is focused around the CAS programme: Creativity, Activity and Service. The students here at SIS Berlin have a wide variety of interests that they have spent the last six months discovering and exploring. There have been exciting moments of self-discovery as the students pursue these new talents, interests and activities.

How do I feel about CAS? At first I was scared by the things that I was expected to do, however, the experiences have turned out to be very engaging and a useful part of IB, helping me to develop into a better person. I decided to cook as part of my creativity, due to my interest in nutrition and cuisine. Now I have been focusing on pasta for a while and I feel confident about the skills I have developed so far. As a challenge I sometimes change the recipe in order to make it fit my taste. I never thought that cooking could actually be so interesting and engaging. I am proud of myself because I can prepare dishes that are complicated for a “newbie” like me. (Ferentz Cretu, student SIS Berlin)

I started with Hapkido and have taken my yellow belt exam. My group is very supportive with one another. We support, motivate and teach each other. We all started as beginners so we had many gaps in our knowledge. As we learn from our master, we learn to respect everyone equally. I have learned what teamwork is through exam simulation, by giving and receiving tips and tricks from
others and learning together. (Kariem Soliman, student SIS Berlin)

CAS for me is one of the most enjoyable and interesting parts of the IB Diploma Programme. It allows me to do new things I hadn’t thought about doing before, either because I was not good at it or was not comfortable doing it. One of the CAS strands that is the most challenging yet the most rewarding for me is the service strand. One of the experiences I have really found meaningful was handing out food to homeless people in the Zehlendorf-Zentrum area of Berlin. It made me feel great and happy to make somebody else’s day easier and I could immediately see the gratitude in their eyes. It makes me want to give again and again. (Abdulah Kameric, student SIS Berlin)

I went to the Kurdistan region in Iraq and while I was there I wrote a script for my two minute short film "I am a refugee". I created this short film because I was really interested in refugee topics but specifically refugee kids. This was a new challenge for me because I had never tried making a documentary and this was my first time narrating my own film too. I interacted with many people in the
planning, to successfully film the refugee camp. I was very happy to work with the refugee kids, even though they have gone through tough times, they were all happy and positive. My message is that even if you are in tough times to stay positive and not give up on dreams because some people have their dreams taken away from them. (Adam Lazgiyan, student SIS Berlin)